RJB and Null: Fail: unknown method name


I’m in trouble with the Ruby-Java-Bridge.

The Java code snippet is:
KEMListEditor subConceptListKEM = kemConcept.getSubConcepts(null, null,

kemConcept.getSubConcepts has parameters:
KEMAbstractConceptEditor.getSubConcepts(String arg0, String arg1,
Boolean arg2)

I tried this in Ruby:
subConceptListKEM = @concept.getSubConcepts(nil, nil, false)

and this
subConceptListKEM =

The answer is always: “Fail: unknown method name”

I modified the call with:
@jBoolean = Rjb::import(‘java.lang.Boolean’)
[email protected](“false”)
subConceptListKEM = @concept.getSubConcepts(nil, nil, tFalse)

but it’s still the same error. I think it could be the “null”.

I replaced “nil” witch “” - same result.

Do you have any tip for me?

Greetings from Wolfram

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