Rio/CVS tells me: undefined method '>'

Rio with CVS didn’t work as expected on my data, so I tried the examples
given at

I ran into the same problem. What’s wrong? Does this work for anybody

| $ irb
| irb(main):001:0> require ‘rio’
| => true
| irb(main):002:0> rio(‘f.csv’).puts!([“h0,h1”,“f0,f1”])
| => #<Rio:0x3ff2d5ac:“path:f.csv” (Stream::Reset)>
| irb(main):003:0> rio(‘f.csv’).csv.records[]
| => [[“h0”, “h1”], [“f0”, “f1”]]
| irb(main):004:0> rio(‘f.csv’).csv[0] > rio(‘out’).csv
| NoMethodError: undefined method `>’ for [[“h0”, “h1”]]:Array
| from (irb):4

The following works correctly, though:

rio(‘f.csv’).csv > rio(‘out’).csv

Updating rio didn’t help me. I’m at ruby 1.8.6 and rio 0.4.1 on cygwin.
I’ll try to repeat on my FreeBSD server … actually got around to
fixing the broken Ruby there and got the same response for rio, so it’s
not a cygwin thing.

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