RichUnits 0.4.0

Hi All–

Just wanted to let you know about the RichUnits project. This is a
library based on Rich Kilmer’s unit system --essentially the same
system used by Ruby on Rails.

The current project is a combination of the original code, some minor
improvements I made a while back, and the Rails versions. The ultimate
goal is to create a library better than any of these older variations.
That has already started to happen. The Duration class, for instance,
has been completely rewritten and (though not 100% finished yet) is
much improved.

The project is not yet ready for general use (I know of at least a
handful of bugs that need to be fixed), but it’s pretty close. Sadly,
I have too much on plate right now to continue working it. So I was
hoping that someone else might find it useful and interesting enough
to take it over and finish polishing her off.

Rich Kilmer’s unit scripts have been in the Ruby ecosystem for a long
time. They are genuinely and generally useful scripts, made especially
popular by Rails. I truly think they deserve a solid stand alone gem.


I just released RuchUnits 0.4.1.

This release fixes up the Duration class so it basically does what is
supposed to now. The library should be fairly close to generally
usable, though it still needs a fair amount of love.

Also, I want to make sure I did not give the wrong impression that
Rich Kilmer was behind the creation of this lib. He was not. RichUnits
simply owes in ancestry to his original work on time units. The actual
code owes more to Ruby on Rails variations on that same work, than
anything else.