Rich Kilmer's Units System v0.5.0 released

= Rich Units

Easy Units for Ruby

== Usage

You only need to require ‘rich_units’ and all of RichUnit’s extensions
are loaded.

require ‘richunits’

2.hours #=> 7200

RichUnits also includes a Duration class (inspired by Matthew H.’
version) for storing time measures. These measure were originally stored
as Integer seconds. The Duration class instead stores the seconds as an
attribute and adds a an optional segements property which can be used
to select exactly how to segment up the time period (years, week, days,

See RDocs for complete API documentation.

== Development

GitHub Repository.


This project uses the Reap build system.

== Copying

Copyright (c) 2008 TigerOps Copyright (c) 2006 Matthew H. Copyright
(c) 2004 Rich Kilmer

If you have contributed to this code and feel you deserve mention in the
copyright notice, please let us know. Since this code has been through a
number of hands and other projects (Facets and ActiveSupport among them)
it is hard to identify exactly who is responsible for what. Nonetheless,
Rich Kilmer is the initiator of the whole idea, so I figure much of the
rights belong to him.

RichUnits is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

See COPYING file.

My apologies for the subject line! I did not notice it before I sent
out the post. It should just read

“RichUnits 0.5.0 released”

Rich Kilmer asked that I not use his name to promote the project since
he only originated the core idea of it many years ago and has had no
involvement with the libraries that spun off of it since.

Sorry Rich! I fixed the metadata so it won’t happen again.


There are changed the subject line.