Ri not finding documentation (newbie)

Hi everybody,

I’ve googled for this left and right, can’t find the answer. I can’t get
ri to find the documentation.

Take the File class as an example. I have the compiled (correct me if
i’m wrong) file here:


When I do “ri File”, I get:

Also found in:
gem rspec-support-3.4.1”

If I specify the directory with -d /opt/rh/ruby200/root/usr/share/ri, it
doesn’t work either.

What am I missing?


I found the reason more or less.

First of all, I was supposed to specify the additional path with:

-d /opt/rh/ruby200/root/usr/share/ri/system

and not:

-d /opt/rh/ruby200/root/usr/share/ri

Second, that documentation came from another package called ruby200. My
ruby binaries on the other hand were from another package called
ruby-2.0.598. When I installed the matching doc package
(ruby-doc-, ri found File without a problem.