Ri-emacs problem


I’m a user of your ri-emacs. I knew it’s very cool but unfortunately I
can not make it on may machine. I use emacs 21.2.1 on winxp and I have
done the necessary configuration in my .emacs file:

(setq ri-ruby-script “c:/emacs/site-lisp/rubyri-emacs.rb”)
(autoload 'ri “c:/emacs/site-lisp/ri-ruby” nil t)
(add-hook 'ruby-mode-hook (lambda ()
(local-set-key 'f1 'ri)
(local-set-key “\M-\C-i” 'ri-ruby-complete-symbol)
(local-set-key 'f4 'ri-ruby-show-args)

but when I run ri using meta x ri, I got the problem:
wrong type argument: stringp io-error

Could anybody tell me what’s the problem of it. Thanks!

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