Rhodes 0.2 released

0.2 Release of Rhodes – the open source mobile application framework

Rhomobile announces the 0.2 release of Rhodes, an open source
framework for building apps for smartphone operating systems: iPhone,
Windows Mobile, Research in Motion Blackberry, and Symbian devices.
Developers write their applications one time and they run on all

This release, available at the popular open source repository GitHub
(rhomobile / Tau · GitHub), features:
• Symbian support (for popular smartphones from Nokia, Samsung, and
• access to PIM information (use the contacts from the device in
your app)
• build scripts for all operating systems (no need to use XCode,
Visual Studio, or other platform-specific development environments)
• much faster performance (via incremental synchronization and
precompilation of Ruby app sources)

The Rhodes development community is eager to start leveraging the new
framework capabilities:

“Rhodes will allow me to get our mobile interface to Basecamp,
TrailGuide, working on all major smartphones, beyond only Windows
Mobile which we support today. Writing the app in Ruby and HTML is
so much easier than writing it in C# or Objective C. Release 0.2 will
allow us to integrate with the device’s contact information which
opens up other opportunities for us. ”

  • Michael Morris, CEO, Carry the Day

What is Rhodes?

Rhodes is an application framework based upon our own groundbreaking
mobile implementation of Ruby for iPhones, Windows Mobile,
Blackberries and Symbian. Like Rails, Merb, and other web frameworks
it provides an easy to build, maintain, and understand Model-View-
Controller structure for developing applications. Rhodes
applications are not web applications - they run locally on the mobile
device with high performance and reliability due to operating on local
data (transparently synchronized to backends via the open source
component RhoSync). All this with user interfaces optimized for the
device, and taking advantage of unique device capabilities such as GPS
and local PIM data.

The Rhomobile Mission