RFX 2400 daughter board: emission

USRP emission problem:

I do not understand the FFT of my spectrum analyzer connected to an USRP
that emitted a cosine signal source at 10kHz through a USRP sink centred
2.464GHz (see figure emission_calibration.png )
Indeed, I got three peaks at:
f =2.464 GHz
f =2.468 GHz
f =2,472 GHz
Moreover the power emitted should be typically around 50mW, 17dBm, but I
catch -43dBm after a cable of loss = 1,6dB

If I receive on another USRP, the result of the FFT on the computer is
figure “FTT_result_USRP_source.png”
The FTT on the computer seems to be right, even if I do not catch the
of magnitude of the FFT ordonnee.
To sum up, I have three questions:

  • Why three peaks on the spectrum analyser?
  • Power emitted?
  • What is the scale of the FTT ordonne?
    I am stuck, so thank you very much for your help

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