RFuzz Web Destroyer 0.6 -- Doc'ed Out

Hi folks,

A quick announcement that RFuzz 0.6 is out and has a nearly complete
little website, full RDoc documentation, rubyforge project page, and
RubyGems for quick install.


“RFuzz is a Ruby library to easily test web applications from the
outside using a fast HttpClient and wicked evil RandomGenerator allowing
the average programmer to use advanced fuzzing techniques for just
pennies a day.”


If you can build Mongrel (not on Windows) then you can do:

sudo gem install rfuzz

And you should be good. RFuzz has two C extensions (HTTP parser and
ArcFour random engine) so it needs to build extensions.


http://rfuzz.rubyforge.org/ – the site
http://rfuzz.rubyforge.org/docs.html – just the docs


  • A full ultra fast and light HTTP client based on the Mongrel core.
    • A fast ArcFour based RandomGenerator that feeds your applications
      more garbage than an army of freegans eats in a day.
    • A small DSL (Domain Specific Language) for running test Sessions and
      gathering statistics about the test.
    • Integration with RSpec for organizing and running tests.
    • Simple Rant scripts to generate and run whole test suites with
      dependencies. (in progress)
    • Outputs .csv files so you can analyze the results.
    • Lots of samples at http://rfuzz.rubyforge.org/sample.html showing
      off the client, sessions, stats gathering, etc.