RFC: Let the HTML format report 'charset=utf-8' when $KCODE='UTF8'

This just occurred to me as being a very natural way of doing things.

With this patch when you set $KCODE to ‘UTF8’ (or ‘u’), then Nitro’s
HTML headers contain not just

Content-Type: text/html


Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

Wed Oct 3 15:34:45 CST 2007 Arne B. [email protected]

  • Let the HTML format report ‘charset=utf-8’ when $KCODE=‘UTF8’.
    When I set $KCODE=‘UTF8’, I expect all subsystems to use utf-8.
    It’s POLS, it’s “just standard Ruby”, it’s how it IMHO should be.

My documentation patch from Monday is also included.


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