RFC: Is Ilias mad?

Ilias often posts topics which are never answered to his liking. e.g.

A substitute for require_relative, ideally seven letters, maybe due to
an imaginary Project Manager. Probably, only Ilias and his imaginary
friend knows why seven letters is important. I’ve read through the
thread and many reasonable answers were given, but none so far, are to
his liking.

So, is he mad? Yes or no, please. We’ll count at the end.

My vote: YES.

Edit: The LISP list has him listed as mad, in case you missed Ryan
Davis’ post: http://www.tfeb.org/lisp/mad-people.html

I’m pretty sure the seven letter requirement is due to some obsession
with source formatting. Quite possibly every class and method may have
to be renamed to align correctly.

Notice anything below?

This one sounds good!

I think I’ve a new favourite!

involve ‘lib/alter’
locally ‘lib/alter’ # locally located file

uniload ‘lib/alter’ # universal load
request ‘lib/alter’ #
include ‘lib/alter’ # the commonly known “include”

relative ‘lib/alter’ #

Edit: relative sticks out. Ergh! I feel sick.