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Hi, List,

I read the ‘this is why ror sucks’ - thread with some amusement. I’m
pretty delighted by rails and would like to thank the community and
especially the core developers for being great. I’m a little afraid that
the last post to this thread hasn’t got the attention that it deserves
and therefore I’d like to link it here again and combine it with a
little ‘Request for Comments’ -
http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rails/39897 . Andreas:
Hopefully you’ve got no problem with me hitchhiking your post…

From time to time - as many other railers - I’m trying to give
something back to the community. Doing some Rails development since two
month or so I’m still n00bish and my possibilities are limited to do
something for the community. Anyway I try so by answering questions on
the mailing list, writing something on the wiki and spread the word of
rails to friends and colleagues. Lately I tried to give some feedback to
different tickets on dev.rubyonrails.org. But enough of this shoulder
padding myself… As I’ve said I’m not in a position that allows me to
make big contributions. Looking at the list of pending patches and
reading the linked post by andreas I get the impression that many others
are in a position of making significant commitments but maybe will
get upset when patches are sitting in the tracker for ages

Nobody is to blame the small team of core developers for not working
their way through the patches fast enough. To the contrary: One can’t be
grateful enough for their effort to get 1.0 out and going so well. But
nevertheless it needs to be in the mind of the community that skillful
and engaged committers of patches shouldn’t get upset because their
effort doesn’t make it to something useful not only for them but for the
whole community.

The RFC: Have you got any ideas and thoughts of speeding up the
evolution of rails while having in mind that rails shouldn’t get pumped
up to the ‘for all and everything’ solution that made java such an

Some thoughts of mine:

  • Obviously one might argue: Patch a version for yourself! It wouldn’t
    be too hard to find the patches you are interested in yourself and use
    them. But then you would loose the comfort of using something that many
    others are using. You would totally rely on yourself in updating and
    maybe would disconnect further and further from rails trunk when time
    goes by. Resulting in something like a fork. Nobody in one’s right mind
    would want that.
  • Could something like PatchRails or ResearchRails (no tm) come to the
    rescue. A branch for people for whom even EdgeRails doesn’t feel cutting
    edge enough? And which would be a sandbox for testing features that
    should make it into EdgeRails…
  • How could something like this happen? Is anyone interested?

just my two cents worth

Best Regards
Jan P.

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