[RFC] Add a cyclic extender to gr

Hi all,

I have been familiarizing myself with the inner guts of gnuradio and
hacked together the attached patch, applied to tag v3.3.0. It is an
extended version of gr_ofdm_cyclic_prefixer which can add cyclic
suffix and symbol overlapping, which is used in VDSL/2 standards, and
it is named gr_dmt_cyclic_extender.
I would very much appreciate your comments on the code style and any
nitpicks you may have. The commit message also explicits a problem I
encountered during coding: I believe I need some kind of “done” signal
to send whatever is stored in the block’s “memory”. How should one
solve this in gnuradio?

There is also a git repository at
with the code applied directly to master, but I’m probably missing
some python dev files as gnuradio does not build.


On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 8:19 PM, Igor A.
[email protected]wrote:

to send whatever is stored in the block’s “memory”. How should one
Igor A.
Thanks for this. I will hopefully get a chance to look at it sometime


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