RF and AD/DA

Dear everyone:
Recently I have been doing my graduation design, wchich is the
implemention of 802.11a ofdm PHY. My tutor required me to use FPGA so I
implemented baseband OFDM modulation-demodulation using Virtex5 FPGA. My
tutor decided not to use USRP because the RF bandwidth is too limited.
Now I have to do up-conversion to 5.8GHz and I decided to use XCVR2450
board. Besides some configurations of the registers of MAX2829, such as
bandsellect, divider ratio and so on, do I need to do anything else?
Does AFC, AGC,eliminating dc offset and something like that need to be
done in FPGA? I have been studying benchmark_tx and benchmark_rx for
some time, but I don’t find AFC or anyting like that.
Any of your responses will be very appreciated.