RewriteBase w/ Capistrano on a shared host


I’m on a shared hosting, and tried this as a test:

svn co {repo} to /home/{user}/{appname}
ln -s {appname}/public/ public_html
chmod -R 755 trunk

With the .htaccess file’s RewriteBase directive set to /
This setup works great, with no problems at all.

Here’s my issue, I’m attempting to use Capistrano, which is setup by
default to checkout my app into a releases/{datetime} folder, then it
creates a symlink inside my rails app directory named ‘current’ which
points to the this new releases/{datetime} dir, like so:

ln -nfs /home/{user}/{appname}/releases/20060609173235

I then point public_html to {appname}/current/public/

I’m wondering if there’s a certain RewriteBase parameter, or Alias, or
something to let Apache know how to properly follow the symlinks.

I know this is tricky to ask for support for, since each hosting
environments is different. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

I figured it out. Apparently, my shared host prefers relative symlinks
to absolute.

Thanks anyhow!