Rewrite URLs in content?


Hi all - I’ve been digging around for a while without success so I
thought I would ask :slight_smile: I have a setup where I have multiple domains
hosted on a single WordPress MU install. So, for example, I have the
main WPMU install at, and all published domains
are appended to this (so is available at I now want to run some sort of
reverse proxy that listens on the URL, and pass the
requests to and the proxy will modify
all headers and content to strip out the part of the
domain so only is returned to the client.

Can I get something like this configured with Nginx?? Thanks in advance
for any advice or pointers…


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The headers and requests can be modified by Rewrite module and/or proxy module

The content can be altered using httpsubmodule (the only thing you should note
is that
SubModule can’t replace gziped content (at least I couldnt manage make


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