Rewrite to lowercase?

can it be done? need case insensitivity on ubuntu

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On 02/01/2010 06:27 AM, arianna wrote:

can it be done? need case insensitivity on ubuntu

I think the only way this can be done right now is by writing a module
adjusts the uri according to your needs in the early processing stages.



I managed to rewrite URLs to lowercase with the embedded perl module:

http {

perl_modules perl/lib;

perl_set $uri_lowercase 'sub {
    my $r = shift;
    my $uri = $r->uri;
    $uri = lc($uri);
    return $uri;


server {

location / {
if ( $uri != $uri_lowercase ) {
rewrite . http://$host$uri_lowercase;

or just:

rewrite . $uri_lowercase;



The first option (with the if and http://$host) sends an HTTP redirect
to the lowercase URL if the requested URL is not completely in
lowercase. I like this approach better as it kind of normalizes all URL
to a canonical form. The second option (without if nor http://) just
accepts any URL and internally rewrites them to lowercase: if you rename
all your directories and files to lowercase, this will imitate Windows’
case-insensitive behaviour.

Kudos to the following post were I draw the “inspiration” :smiley: from to get
this done. The embedded perl doc and examples are indeed scarce. :frowning:

Anyway I see two problems in this approach:

  • you need the embedded perl module which according to the docs is
    experimental and can lead to memory leaks.

  • the actual redirection is done with the rewrite, which you can put on
    the location you need. But the URL lowercase calculation, being on the
    “http” section of the config, is done for each and every request
    arriving to your server. Say you have a virtual server with 10 domains
    and you only need this on one particular location of one of them. The
    lowercase URL is going to be calculated for every request of every

I guess that by defining a perl function the URL calculation could be
restricted to a particular location, have to look into it further.
Another option is writing a C module.


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can it be done? need case insensitivity on ubuntu