Rewrite rule

please design a rule such that any .php request is blocked by apache
as File Not Found 404 and is not forwarded to mongrel.

ie instead of this error
ActionController::RoutingError (no route found to match “/view.php”
with {:method=>:get}):

I should get …

File Not Found 404


I have something like this in my apache vhost:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule .php$ /404.html [R=404,L]

(Actually, I have a bunch of specific rewrites that move people to our
old php site’s URLs to the new rails site’s corresponding URL, so
please forgive me if my regexp is not quite right.)


Hi …thanx 4 replying,

RewriteRule ^/?(.*.php)$ %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/public/404.html

rewrite rule is working for me