Rewrite rule with in url

Hi - I’ve got a plugin which was misconfigured - and now I need to
rewrite a
string - however I cannot find out at all how to do this for urls with ?

So I need to have:
rewritten to
(note the /de missing).

I tried:
server { server_name
return 301

but this is not accepted as valid nginx.conf…

So I need this rewritten and it is important that whatever string is
following this is not lost…

(also - but less important) - how can I rewrite a specific url?
So I want to rewrite

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Will this work correctly with all the arguments followed?

location = /de/ {
if ( $arg_s2member_paypal_notify ) {
rewrite ^ / permanent;

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okay - I noticed my homepage wouldn’t load for
with this rule -

location = /de/ {
if ( $arg_s2member_paypal_notify ) {
rewrite ^ / permanent;
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php;

Seems to work - well I hope this is passing on all information correctly

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