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Hi list,

I have purchased an SSL certificate for, therefore I
would like to rewrite any incoming request from to in order to avoid the web browser saying the
certificate is not valid and that there my be fraud. How can I do

It works well for http, but for https, the web browser keeps
complaining the certificate is not valide for


Thomas wrote:

I’m pretty sure there’s no way around this. I believe that the browser,
seeing that you’re using the https:// protocol, checks for the
certificate first before actually doing a request for the page (which
would return your redirect header).

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The only option I know of is to purchase an additional certificate for (a wildcard certificate * will not work) and
configure that on a separate IP address which will then handle the




You are right there is no way around it except to purchase another
certificate. Even Google didn’t bother in purchasing such certificate,
simply go to gmail’s login page and change the address by removing the
www, you will see the error message.

Thank you all for your help.