Revision 3637 killed support for models in modules?



My app uses modules both for controllers and models (in order to make
the app installable with any other Rails app without conflicts). In
revision 3636, everything worked just fine, but in 3637 something very
odd happened. On the first request to the server, the page loads
fine, but any request after that dies on Uninitialized Constant
errors, referring to my models in modules. This error persists up
until and including the latest revision (3801 at the time of this

Did some behaviour change drastically at revision 3637? Am I supposed
to change anything about my models to have them work with revisions
past 3636?

Best regards,
Tomas J.


Further investigating shows that models in modules only DON’T work
fine with 3637 and later when a model within a module is being
referenced from inside of a helper.

Any tips, ideas or similar experience with this would be greatly

Tomas J.