Revert after dropping a draggable, only if out of bounds

The below is a question… It’s kinda hard to find help
on these things, and the Rails Spinoffs section here at ruby-forum can’t
be posted to…

Hi, I have a div tag as a â??containerâ? for all my draggable objectsâ?¦ My
goal is to be able to decide whether to revert these objects based on
where they are dropped. If they are â??out of boundsâ?, or not in the
container after theyâ??ve been dropped, I want them to revert, otherwise,
drop normally.

I currently have a few JS functions setup that calculate the boundries
of the container, and alert me on mouseupâ?¦ true if theyâ??ve been dropped
outside of the container, and false if theyâ??ve been dropped inside the

By default, the droppable object is not set to revertâ?¦ How would I go
about making this object revert only if itâ??s been dropped outside of the

Thanks ahead of time for any helpâ?¦