Reverse proxy shopping system


I have several shopping systems running on apache that I would like to
proxy with nginx. In general it works fine, but in some shops I have the
problem that when I add items to the shopping cart and then proceed to
view the shopping cart, the cart seems empty. Without the proxy it works
just fine.

So I was wondering how I could debug this. Any hints on how to takle
this so I have a clue on how I could configure nginx so that it works
would be apreciated.


I found out that the proxied version of the websites misses a certain
cookie, which is present in the unproxied versions. Of course its not
clear that his is the root of the problem, but at least a hint.

The proxy module defines two parameters related to cookies,
proxy_cookie_domain and proxy_cookie_path. As far as I understand, these
parameters are not suitable for solving my problem. Please correct me.

Any hint?


ok, adding the nginx repo to my debian 6 replaced the historic version
that ships with debian (0.7) with version 1.2, which solved the problem.

Sorry for bothering you.