Reverse_proxy_fix and Flex URLs


I’ve set up several “Production type” environments using the very
promising beta book “Deploying Rails Applications”: Mongrel (x2) +
Apache in Win XP and Mongrel (x2) + Apache + IIS in Win 2K3.

Unfortunately, the proxy plugin used (reverse_proxy_fix) to enable
forwarding requests from IIS to Apache won’t work with my URLs in a
Flex interface… Has anyone been able to solve this problem? No one
ever answers on the “Pragmatic Programmers” forum…

Interestingly (I know nothing about how Reverse Proxying works…), when
I access the URL for a Rails function directly from the browser,
instead of Flex code, it works correctly, as in:


where I would have accessed

http://localhost:8080/my_class/my_function with Apache alone…