Returning search result to new.html.erb as textfield value

Hello all,

I have a link on my “new.html.erb” for new projects called "Add IRB(s).
When clicked, this will produce a jquery ui dialog box rendering a
search form with button.
when I click the search button with a search string, the dialog box
expands to the bottom with search results. Like below…

IRB Search Results
IRB ID Title PI Full Name Action
00-010 Project Title … John M. Add IRB

The “Add IRB” is a hyperlink to return the IRB ID to the “new.html.erb”
as a filled text field. I will add a little CSS to remove the border.
Like so…

Associated IRB(s) “Add IRB” <- hyperlink 00-010 (remove)

I can use "<%= link_to_function “remove”, “$(this).up(’.irb’).remove()”
%> " to add the “(remove)” link and remove the number.

I’m just not sure as to how to send the result to the “new.html.erb”.

Thank you for any help.