Returning custom errors in authentication module

Hello -

In building my OAuth authentication module, I want to create way to
provide as much salient feedback as possible to the client while also
allowing custom error messages for the server. For example, instead of
having a generic 403 (Forbidden) return code and that’s it, it would be
nice if I could return more detailed information like parameter missing,
or signature mismatch, etc.

Additionally, most OAuth clients will be web APIs, so the normal place
to put this is in the content payload (an XML response for example).
However, the form of the response will change and would prefer to be
customized by each server’s API developer. For example, a simple one
might be to return HTTP code 403 and present one of several detailed
messages like this:

Missing parameter consumer_key
Unknown consumer_key

… but how do I communicate properly between the plugin (which knows
WHY the failure is a failure) and the API developer (who knows how to
properly format the message)?

Here is Yahoo’s list of error codes returned as an example of the
complexity involved

The only thing I could think of was to have the user supply a “template
file” which has some kind of limited variable substitution in it. So it
might be something like:


Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


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