Return value for subdev.set_gain()?

I’m working on a Flex400 card, and noticed that when calling the
subdev.set_gain() method, nothing is returned (or, rather “None” is
always returned). I hadn’t seen this before, so I looked through the
Python code and found that in “db_flexrf”, the “set_gain()” method
tries to return the value of “self._set_pga()” method call, but that
this method doesn’t return anything (no “return” at all). So I
checked the “set_gain()” code for “db_tv_rx”, which just doesn’t
return anything (no “return” at all, again), while this method in
“db_basic” (for rx or tx) tries to return the “_set_pga()” methods’
return value.

It’s not clear to me if the subdev.set_gain() method is supposed to
return anything or not, so I’m just ignoring its return value at this
time. Can someone with more knowledge and understanding of this
issue please look into it? Thanks! - MLD