Return of "Expire Cache"

Is it possible to have ‘Expire Page Cache’ to be returned to the UI…
albeit as a configurable setting in a future version of Radiant?

I ask because there are some extensions that should affect cached pages

  • the one I’m thinking of specifically is ‘Reorder’… after reordering,
    the page sequence of child pages can be altered and this may affect a
    navigation in a parent page. Previously, we could just hit the ‘expire
    page cache’.

Any ideas or suggestions?

11/3/2008 | 12:46 AM.

In the new RESTful controller design, we have an after_filter that runs
on all “modification” actions (create, update, destroy) to automatically
clear the cache. It should be easy to add this in extensions. However,
as far as the UI goes, I’ll leave that up to John and the UI team.


Thanks Sean. That would be great - I didn’t mean to criticize the
extension itself - just meant that some times, the developer knows that
a change s/he has made will affect numerous pages and it’s best to have
the manual option to clear the page cache even though the system does
its best to automatically clear the cache.


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