Retrieving Rubyforge login info on Mac Os X

Hi all,

On osx, I’m developing a small library hosted on rubyforge [1]. A
rakefile task takes care of automatizing the release process.

The code snippet shown here allows the login information (username and
password) to be retrieved from osx’s keychain [2]:

def keychain_login(domain)
info = security find-internet-password -s '#{domain}' -g 2>&1.split("\n")
username = info.grep(/^\s*“acct”<blob>="(.)"$/){$1}.first
password = info.grep(/^password: "(.
[username, password]


This way, the username and password don’t have to be hardcoded in the
script nor typed at run-time, nor set in the environment.

I hope this can make life slightly easier for my fellow developers on


[2] To have your username/password stored in the keychain, use Safari
to login on rubyforge at least once.

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