Retrieving order quantity from form

I have a shopping cart screen where I display my available item and all
it’s description info and then want to have the user enter a quantity.
I show all my item fields, e.g.

<%= @item.item_id %>

Then I have a field defined

<%= text_field ‘shopping_cart_item’ , ‘quantity’ %>

In my controller, how do I access this data?

I’ve tried many different ways, I just want to get this quantity first
to validate that it’s a number, that it’s less than the quantity
available, etc, then create a shopping cart record.

Help, I’ve spent a long time on this.

So i changed my view to include

<% text_field_tag ‘quantity’ %>

and I changed my controller’s first line to say

quantityordered = params[:quantity]

Is this correct?

It seems to ‘work’ (doesn’t abort), but when I store it in my database I
have a null value

On Nov 28, 2008, at 1:32 PM, Joe S. wrote:

You probably knew this, but you need a form. So maybe:

<% form_for(@cart) do |f| -%>
<%= f.text_field :quantity %>
<%= submit_tag(‘ok’) %>
<% end -%>

That should get you a form. So, fire the thing up, watch your logs,
enter something into the quantity text box and what happens? You get a
params hash passed back to the controller. In that hash is:

:cart => { :quantity => “3” }

So in your controller, probably in the create method, just do
something like:

quantity = params[:cart][‘quantity’]

But if all you are doing is validating, you should try to do this in
the model anyhow.

Hope this helps.

Look at the Dev logs, see the params hash and use that in controller.

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