Retrieving memcache value for further processing

Hello list,

I need some advice on how to solve my use-case. I have a memcache
backend with
some keys and values. Every HTTP request carries a cookie with a SHA1
hash as
value, this cookie value is also a key in memcache.

I already can retrieve the value and send it as a HTTP response using
following configuration:

  # Check if we got the token, a 160bit SHA1 hash
  if ($http_cookie ~* "token=([A-Za-z0-9]{40})")
    # Attempt to retrieve the token from memcache
    set $memc_cmd 'get';
    set $memc_key $http_cookie; # TODO; remove `token=` prefix from 



The question is, how to actually retrieve the value in the configuration
further processing. For instance, i would like to put the value in the
before i proxy it upstream.

I have tried reading the $memc_value but it seems it does not contain
result and that it is only being used for setting or appending a key. If
proxy_pass to $memc_value after executing memc_pass, it throws an error,
telling me the $memc_value was still empty.

In the end i need to perform several small operations on some conditions
several memcache values before proxying the entire request upstream. Can
even do this with the configuration and memc addon? Or would i need some
inline perl script to do so?

I use the latest 0.7 Nginx and 0.6 Memc addon.


Markus J. - Technisch Architect - Buyways BV
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Thanks Mauro!

This looks rather promising! I will try this.


you should check the eval module:
Nginx eval module (v 1.0.1)

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Markus J. - Technisch Architect - Buyways BV
050-8536620 / 06-50258350

you should check the eval module: