Retraction and thanks to Aaron Bedra and Relevance

After the previous thread about copyright and ownership of MPI Ruby,
the folks at Relevance asked me to start a new thread setting the
record straight:

  • Aaron Bedra and I worked on separate branches of MPI Ruby, without
    knowing of the other’s work.

  • I was accidentally misled by another party via email to
    misunderstand the situation, thinking that Aaron removed my name and
    adjusted copyrights inappropriately.

  • I posted my accusations to the ruby-talk list without contacting
    Aaron or Relevance first. Unfortunately, I misread the situation and
    luckily Stuart from Relevance was able to correct me within 24 hours.
    My prior accusations were false on every point of fact, and I
    apologize wholeheartedly to both Aaron and Relevance, and also to the
    Ruby T. ML for wasting time and attention because of insufficiently
    careful review of wrong allegations on my part.

So for the aspiring politicos in the Ruby T. ML, let this be a
lesson to you: send a private email first to avoid extra work and
confusion as well as stress. Thanks for the other ML participants who
clued me in on my first try at this difficult situation.

I expect this post to be the penultimate one, with the reply coming
from Stuart to confirm acceptance and linking to the original mistaken
thread so that search engines can frequently return the fuller story
rather than the misleading earlier thread.

Best regards,


Thanks Rudi!

I am glad that we got this sorted out, and that everyone now
understands it was simply a misunderstanding.

Stuart Halloway