ReTo listen FM radio station using GRC in GNU Radio

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 08:04:27PM +0500, zafar ali wrote:

Hi Every one !
Thanking all those who replied on my queries
I have two USRP boards and daughter boards RFX900 and RFX2400.
I want to listen FM radio station .
Kindly help me if someone has tried before or please give suggestion.

I use the Basic RX board to listen to FM stations with the FM receiver
example program

According to the BasicRX description, the board transformer couples
the signals right into the buffer
amplifier ahead of the ADC. The buffer amplifier bandwidth is wide
enough to pass the FM band
with some possible attenuation at the high end. With an external
antenna I can easily copy many of the FM stations
in our area.

Since the system will be subsampling at 64 MSPS, aliasing will occur.
For example, one of the stations I
listen to is at 96.7 MHz which is 32.7 MHz above 64 MHz. One alias
then appears at
128-32.7 = 95.3 MHz. I’m in a rural area, where we don’t have a large
number of stations, so the aliasing
doesn’t cause me an interference problem.


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