Resumable uploads with upload module

Hi, I haven’t found a lot of information on what would seem to me a very
interesting and useful feature: the upload modules upload_resumable
directive and how to implement a client that supports the protocol
stated here:

Two questions to the developers or people using it:

  1. What kind of control (if any) do we have on how the resumable
    uploads are handled, particularly I wonder how long a partial upload is
    held by nginx and if that can be configured: Say I upload the first
    chunk and then never upload the rest (a crash, internet failure etc), is
    the first chunk kept in memory/disk for ever?

  2. My current processes do multipart/form-data POST to nginx to be
    handled by a django backend. I upload a file and the form data with
    metadata pertaining to that file. The protocol clearly states that
    multipart/form-data content dispositions are now allowed. Is there
    someway around this? I need to upload metadata along with the file
    upload to determine what to do with the file.



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