Resumable Upload in Ruby on Rails


I have been searching for a way for resumable file upload in RoR. In
conclusion, I found out other than Java Applet no
client-side-and-cross-platform agent can access the file system in such
a way that to request the file from the position where the upload got
terminated (due to any reason) with some exceptions like (built in native Ruby, but
requires google gears which is not “reliable” yet when it comes to cross
platform almost same story as of ActiveX!)

Since the only reliable option left is java applet, is there any good
tutorial/forum/documentation for those paid java applets, such as “thin
slice upload” etc. to make it work with rails application.

I have found one http : // github . com / dassi / mediaclue , its a
non-multi-ligual-German-Application in which they used jumploader. But
in that application, I am unable to see resumable functionality.
Scratching my head against their documentation, i found out http : // / doc_resume.html It tells that jumploader has resume
functionality in Cross session resume, the one i am looking for (if the
user close the browser the new session gets hold on uncompleted uploaded
files from the old session against the user id). But I cant find any
example on their demos page which actually pause/RESUME functionality in
a continuous manner! Is it even possible to achieve that kind of
resumable functionality. Please tell me about any options/example/demos
preferable deployed in rails. I shall be very much obliged.

~ Thanks