Restoring blob fileds in Mysql

Not really a rails question but someone on here may be able to help…

I have been backing up a MySQL database for a Rails app for several
years with the command: mysqldump myDatabaseName -u root >

The backups have appeared to work fine…

I then wanted to restore one of the backups to a different named
database so I did: mysql myNewDatabaseName -u root < myBackupFile.sql

I got some errors about logfile size so I stopped Mysql and removed
the logfiles and set the following parameters in the my.ini file and
restarted mysql.


The restore now completes with no errors but one of the three tables
which contains blobs is never restored.
My max-allowed-packet is set to 32M

The database backup size is about 2.2 GB the majority of that size
being in the table that does not restore. If I run a mysqldump on the
restored database the size is 185 MB.

I really need to have a bombproof way to backup and restore as my
existing backups appear worthless. I am particularly concerned that it
“fails silently” with no error log entries as far as I can see.

Is yaml_db reliable for blobs?
The environment is windows server 2003 sp2

Any help appreciated!