ReSTfull route conventions

I have a question regarding restful routing and the uri conventions
presently in use, specifically the /new and /{id}/edit uri’s.

I have been giving these two some thought and it seems to me that there
exists a cleaner approach to this then simply tacking on a procedure
call to the end of the uri.


http://localhost:3000/clients/new with http://localhost:3000/client

:method => ‘get’ followed by a ‘post’


http://localhost:3000/clients/1/edit with http://localhost:3000/client/1

:method => ‘get’ followed by a ‘put’

In both cases the use of the singular creates a unique mapping of the
underlying http verb (get) to the Rails methods ‘new’ and ‘edit’
respectively. There remains the self-evident problem of dealing with
nouns that share plural and singular forms, a sheep versus a flock of
sheep for instance. However, I believe that this issue could, and
probably should, be circumvented by a careful choice of terminology.

So, why did Rails elect to use the rpc style for just new and edit
rather than inferencing the action from the base resource uri?

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