RESTful User Registration

I would like to create a website that will require users to Register.
There will be a three step registration process - the user will
click “Register” on the home page, and that will take them to
Registration Page 1 where they will enter all the required fields
(name, email, user ID & password, etc.), and click continue to go to
page 2. On Registration Page 2, they can fill in optional fields,
then click the “Register” button. When they click “Continue” on Page
1, the application will create a user model, and give it a user status
of “In Setup”, then route them to Registration Page 2. When they
click “Register” on Page 2, the application will update the user, and
set the user status to “Pending Activation”, send an activation code
via email to that user, and route them back to the Home Page. The
final step is when the user returns to the Home Page, they will click
“Log In” and be routed to the Log In Page. When they enter their user
ID & Password and click “Log In”, since their user status is “Pending
Activation”, they will be routed to the Activation Page where they
need to enter their activation code and click “Activate”. At that
time, the application will set their status to “Active” and allow them
to login.

This all seems very normal to me, but how should I set up my views/
controllers/actions to do all of this in a RESTful design? (I am using
Rails 2.2.2)

Thank you for any suggestions you can offer,

Steve J.

These tutorials will show you how to set up a user
registration/authentication system with Authlogic, and then to set up a
password reset system.

It’ll give you a good start on a RESTful setup, which you can then tweak
however you like.

Requiring an email activation is closely related to reseting someone’s
password - once you’ve worked through these two tutorials, you should
have everything you need.

Thanks for the tutorials - That is what I need because the books I
have read so far are good, but a little too basic for what I am

On May 1, 5:35 pm, Chris H. [email protected]

If you are interested in a complete system that also handles payment
your users you could try RailsKit - Subscription code.
Its not free and I am only a customer but it is very comprehensive for
setting up a Saas (Software as a Service) website.

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