RESTFUL routes strange behavior


api.resources :friends, :controller => :friends, :only =>
[:list, :exists], :collection => {:list => :get, :ids => :get, :exists
=> :get}

here is my rake routes.

list_api_friends GET /api/friends/list
{:controller=>“api/friends”, :action=>“list”}

formatted_list_api_friends GET /api/friends/
list.:format {:controller=>“api/
friends”, :action=>“list”}

this is the only accepted calls for controller => friends action =>
list , so when calling

curl -X POST http://localhost/api/friends/list.xml should return
routing error but instead of that it returns the list as if was a GET

any suggestions

On Jul 5, 8:33 am, Waheedi [email protected] wrote:

Do you still have the default route at the bottom of routes.rb ?


definitely not its the lowest priority…

On Jul 5, 5:55 pm, Frederick C. [email protected]

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