Restful routes question


a small question about restful routing.

Imagine i have an application with channels and videos
A channel contains videos.
So i have in my routes.rb:
map.resources :channels, :has_many => :videos

But i have one problem: some actions concern all videos across all
So say i add in my routes.rb:
map.resources :videos
on top of the one above.

The problem is that both routes point to the same controller :
This controller risks becoming a little awkward.

What is your advice ? how to cleanly split this ? use namespaces ?
Thank you,


Dear Elise

make your relations in your modul:
Channel model:
has_many :videos

Video model:
belongs_to :channel


map.resources :channels do |channel|
channel.resources :videos

map.resources :videos


(I may be mistaken, but I think the ap.resources :channels, :has_many =>
:videos provides also the non-nested routes)

I guess my controllers are akward by your standards :slight_smile: but when I face
this requirement I usually just check if the parent object exists or
not. So in by before_filter I do:

@channel = Channel.find(params[:channel_id] rescue nil

And the index (for example)

def index
if @channel
@videos = @channel.find
@videos = Video.find…

thanks Abigail - that’s what i’ve been doing so far as well, no insult
intended :slight_smile:
just wondered if there was different way to handle this.


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