RESTful Question -- Extra Member Routes


Still getting my feet wet with Rails, and especially RESTful Rails and
am looking for some help tackling an issue

In routes.rb i have:

map.resources :houses do |house|
house.resources :chores, :member => {:complete => :any}

This way when a user goes to mark a chore as complete, i call the
ChoresController:complete action to pull up a form to select who
completed the given chore.

I’m curious as to how i RESTfully update this chore. I can’t use the
update action as that is used by the edit form, plus i need to add some
additional details, such as the completed_at time.

Is there a way to detect in the complete action whether it’s a PUT or a
GET request? Any recommendations on how to RESTfully handle this would
be appreciated.


Actually you should try to use the update. completing a task simply
the task details. Your view can contain a “mark completed” checkbox that
sets the completion date (and you could set the date in the model
automatically or you could ask for it on the form) but it would still go
the update action. Heck, if you can use attr_accesors and database
on your task model, you don’t even need to change your code -
update_attributes will just assign things where they need to be and you
use before_update in your model to do any other things you need to do.

In my experience with REST there are so few reasons to use additional

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