Restful nested and unnested routes


I´ve problems with the restful routes.

I know that /artists/1/songs works:

map.resources :artists do | artists |
artists.resources :songs

But how can I route to a list of all songs with artist, something
like /songs … in a restful manner.


You could create a separate top-level song resource to accomplish
this, e.g.,

map.resources :artists do |artist|
artist.resources :songs, :name_prefix => ‘artist_’
map.resources :songs

This would create routes for a top-level song resource as well as your
original nested song resource. The top-level song resource will have
the usual route helpers. Because of the :name_prefix option, the route
helpers for the nested song resource will have “artist_” prepended to
their name to prevent them from conflicting with the top-level song
resource, e.g., artist_songs_path(X) => /artists/X/songs.