Restful help: cannot create new record


I have got edge rails (as of 03 October) and tried to get a new app I
am building to use the new Restful approach. Followed the examples in
Agile Web D. (2nd Ed) and issued a “scaffold_resource” command
for my model.

However when I attempt to create a new record, and click “create”, it
just goes back to the index view for the model. What might I be doing

Steps were:

  1. Created table via migrations (all worked well, table created ok.
    Using Sqlite3).
  2. Issued the command "ruby script/generate scaffold_resource
  3. Put the line in the routes.rb file, “map.resources :”.

Then tried to run it and found the problem where it wont add anything.

Thanks for any help,

Can you show some code? What’s in the controller for create? What is
the rhtml code for the form?

Also, your resources should be plural, like a table name:

map.resources :guitars

This link has been the most helpful for me: