Restful Controllers session state and custom actions


i’m working with a model with a has_many association. i’m using the
complex forms (ala ryan bates) design. it’s been straight forward i’ve
just followed that particular design, using a map.resources route, & 7
action controller.

The models are:

has_many :booking_items

when adding booking_items its a fairly lengthy process, i need to page
the form for selecting items etc, so up to now i’ve been saving the
Booking with a State=‘Created’ (AASM). and editing the model until the
user pays at which point i move the model into a ‘Paid’ state.

But to try n simplify it i’ve decided to put the model in session state
and once its ready to be created i then follow the usual path, or ‘post’
to ‘create’ etc.

my question is, when adding booking_items to my booking in session state
i’m posting to a custom action on my controller, and when clearing
session (for a ‘Start Again’ button) again i’m posting to a custom
method which clears the session.

it doesnt really feel right but i’m not really sure of any alternatives,
has anyone got any advise?