Restful_authentication issue

I cloned from github, can the generator with the --include-activation

Now when I go to create a new user account the following method in
app/models/user_observer.rb fails:

def after_save(user)

UserMailer.deliver_activation(user) if user.recently_activated?


The model method ‘.recently_acticated?’ does not exist in the generated
user model. After searching around I can see that older versions of this
plug-in included this method but I have to assume it was removed for a
reason. So I would like to try to get it first working the way the
author intended before I start modifying. Any ideas?

I catched bug then activation code was generated twice, and user was
not able to activate his account because sent activation code was

The reason was that both aasm_roles.rb and stateful_roles.rb were
loaded. After deleting one of them all works fine

On 27 ÉÀÌ, 05:37, Brian C. [email protected]