Restful-Authentication features rewrite

I’ve put up a Rails sample project on github whose main feature is a
of the restful-authentication stories using features and trying to
good practice. I’d love to get some feedback from the group about the
features I’ve written.

You can find the project at GitHub - diabolo/fbrp: Feature Based Rails Project

Ideally I’d like the features to be a useful example of something
real world for peeps new to this stuff

All best


Andrew P. wrote:

All best


Hey Andrew,
First of all, great job! The restful-auth stories and specs are painful
to look at so I hope this rewrite eventually replaces the stories in
restful-auth proper. Another cool thing about having these features is
that you could easily switch over to another authentication
system/plugin (like AuthLogic[1]) with the same functionality and run
these to prevent regressions.

I don’t have time to go through everything now but I will try to give
you feedback soon via the mailing list or github comments and maybe even
pull requests.

Again, thanks for doing this! I think having this out there so we can
all critique it will foster some good discussion about feature writing


  1. GitHub - binarylogic/authlogic: A simple ruby authentication solution.