Restful Authentication (Error Formatting location..)

I’ve been trying to use Restful Authentication and I have the latest
version installed.

The issue I’m having is for example:

During user signup, if any fields are not properly completed the user
should get an error message with the number of errors they received. In
my case, the error box and the error messages are stacked on top of each
other. In addition, if nothing is filled out there are 8 errors… So in
this case it is even worse:

Error 1 is hidden behind the flash error box.
Error 2 is visible
Error 3 is visible
Error 4 is visible
Error 5 is visible
Error 6 is visible
Error 7 is jumbled up on Error 3’s line to the right
Error 8 is jumbled up on Error 5’s line to the right

I have a 924px Div box that all of this sits in. Not a biggie ( I
figured I’d go adjust the templates myself ).

Only, I can’t find them…

I’ve dug into every file within the plugin itself.
I’ve dug into the user model, the user helper, the user index and the
user controller…
I’ve scoured the web…

I found traces of those errors in
vendor/plugins/restful_authentication/lib/authentication.rb but I don’t
see the view templates or where to adjust them…

Can anyone point me to the right direction please?


As an additional note, I’ve tried changing the CSS for the error box so
it’s smaller in the default .css for error handling… It’s still not

I’ll keep playing with the CSS to see if I can work it out that way…

The issue is not with the CSS, it is definitely with the plugin itself

It stacks all of the error messages and tucks a portion of them behind
the main error box. Since the only item that represents the errors is:

<%= error_messages_for :user %>

I’m not sure where to find where this points to.

I think I’m getting closer to finding out my own answer. I believe it
lies in the “error_messages_for” which is an ActiveRecordHelper. I
believe I can apply options to how that error_messages_for can be
applied by doing something like:

error_messages_for :user, options {}

Looking into it now…


I found the issue - my apologies.

I had a rogue CSS file added to my app layout that I forgot to remove
which had additional li and ul configurations which were being added
last and overwriting the defaults in place.

After removing those, everything is working fine.

Sorry for the post…