Restful_authentication and IE

Hi all,

my Rails app is having a weird, but not uncommon, problem authenticating
with IE 6 & 7. I’ve removed web auth and cookie auth from our

I’ve been reading in related posts that IE sends back incorrect headers.
In my logs I can see my session/create working and my user authenticated
(this is in SSL mode). Next I redirect (securely as to avoid any IE
secure/insecure warnings) to our dashboard and can see that also in the

However, right below that log entry, I see:

Redirected to
Filter chain halted as
@filter=:login_required>] rendered_or_redirected.

I have

before_filter :login_required

at the top of my dashboard controller and can see the filter chain
picking that up and redirecting to session/new.

I’ve tried adjust privacy/cookie levels on IE with no luck. This issue
does not happen for FF, Safari, or Camino.

So I have no idea why it this is happening. Since I’m not using any of
the web authorization (session only), I cut my access_denied method down

fef access_denied
redirect_to new_session_path

No magic there. And current_user method has been cut down to:

def current_user
@current_user ||= login_from_session unless @current_user == false

I’m out of ideas. If anyone has any, it would be really appreciated.

  • jason