RESTful Administration

How does everyone here who uses REST, create administration panels?
I’ve seen it being done by embedding admin functions into the website
itself… but does that work for complex systems… such as an e-
commerce system?

It seems as if the code will end up being full of <% if admin? %>
statements… and administrators will be showed more than they really
need/want to see.

I’ve looked on google but only came up with the embedded
administration method.

Anyone with experience with a real application wanna give their

I am just testing such functionalities applying ‘webistrano’
pattern… I set up a specific admin.mydomain.tld for administration
and I use web services and remote ssh accesses for admin my
I agree on your point, doing admin task inside my site was difficult
and maybe unsecure …


Hmm… seems completed to set up… and possibly redundant. I’ll think
about it more.

So I bought the screencast from Peepcode on REST and it basically gave
me a method that will work for dealing with an adminstration panel
without having to have a million if statements. Basically it talks
about how to pick a different layout and/or template based on who is
viewing the site and also restricting access based on who is viewing
the website.

I highly recommend checking out this video if you are struggling with
REST or how to do RESTful administration:

~ mel