Restarting sub flow graph

Hello again guys,

in my applicatoin I have two flow graphs, namely, rx and tx paths,
TX path generates pseudorandom bit sequence which is then turned into
digital signal and transmitted over LFTX board. This signal is fed into
signal generator in order to modulate FKS signal. Modulated signal is
back to WBX board, and the idea is to measure BER.
I want now to be able to restart TX and RX paths. If i Call lock() and
unlock() will flowgraph be restarted?


In fact I would like to explain a bit more.
The flowgraph consists of rx and tx path:

WBX daughterboard -------> RX path
TX path --------> LFTX daughterboard

I have random source inside tx path. I want to set a number of bits that
will be produced, then run TX path and record received symbols in RX
When I set a certain number of bits inside TX path, after the bits are
generated, TX path doesn’t have anything to do and should stop. So my
question is how to rerun it again.


It is always funny to answer my own questions. But the previous problem
addressed is easily solved with lock() and unlock() methods.